Huffaker, D. (2004). The educated blogger: Using Weblogs to promote literacy in the classroom. First Monday, 9(6).

This source evaluates the role of blogs in the classroom. I thought this journal piece would be particularly interesting to use because it was written in 2004. That being said, it’s intriguing to know that the conversation about blogging in the classroom started over 10 years ago. This is something that I wouldn’t have thought about being possible since it has only been more recent that social media and blogging have become trendy. Knowing this, I will be able to go back further and take a deeper look at how blogs in general have taken over the space in the past ten years.

One point that the article makes is how blogs encourage creativity and self-expression. This is something that will certainly help my paper because of the way blogs aid in classroom activities. In a lot of cases, students are too nervous to raise their hand or contribute. This source will help show that blogs provide opportunities for participation and conversation among students. The article also touches on “literacy and storytelling in blogging”, which will prove useful for showing how blogs improve a typical classroom setting. This scholarly piece provides insight into the more creative side of implementing the non-traditional writing form in the classroom.