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By: Hector, Jeremy, Justin, and Seyvona

At Rutgers, sometimes the student population feels underrepresented and unheard. Our hyperlocal blog would get the concerns of the Rutgers community out.

Our community includes off-campus and on campus students, international students, first year students, transfer students, and the other students on track to get their degree. The blog will cover concerns of undergraduate students and graduate students to cover a wide range of the Rutgers population. About 40,000 people are included in this community.

The first aspect about the Rutgers community that is noticed by many is the diversity of the community. Many different cultures, beliefs, and values are in this community. The common ground despite all of these differences is the fact that we are Rutgers students and every student may have a concern that they feel is not getting to those who have high positions on the University board.

Our blog would post the concerns and questions of the community that those feel are being unanswered. There would also be tips put on the blog to answer questions that may not need to be addressed by authority figures. The design will include a forum and chat rooms so the community can comment and discuss concerns and tips posted.