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This takes place 100 years from now. It will be a globalized world. In the community, we will provide them an iPad and install them where they can see what is going on.

Deep within the Amazon jungle, there is a community of 50 indigenous people.

The community consists of tribe and the blog will talk about each tribe in that community.

The community is very simplistic. They use the resources they have to sustain life. To gather food, they would hunt and fish. Also, they use herbal medicines to treat themselves with diseases.

We’re going to start a blog to raise awareness of the community. In our blog, we will display topics of the different aspects in their life such as religion, social dynamics, food, health, language, and clothing. For example, in religion we will talk about their daily worships to their gods. In the health section, we will talk about the herbal medicines they use to treat themselves if they have any discomforts.

Each tribe speaks different languages. On the blog, we will have a history of their language. Also, in order for communication to take place we will have a page where we will educate our language to one or two people and where they will teach us also.

-Juliana, Jade, Rocky, Jessica