Ashley, Dan, and Krupal

We will be using my community, Perth Amboy NJ. My town does have a newspaper, The Amboy Guardian, but it isn’t something that is necessarily taken seriously. It also is  more targeted towards politics of the town and education rather than including other important factors of the community. The community is more so of a middle class range of families. According to the census in 2010 there were a reported number of 50,812 people in the community. There are different sections of this community that have different stereotypes. The areas on the outskirts of the town more towards Woodbridge and the areas by the waterfront are known to be a bit wealthier than the downtown areas. The social dynamics of the different families vary. My family consists of a mother as the head of the household and 3 other siblings besides me; two are in grade school and the other is in college like myself. I was lucky enough to be given options on towards the right path, but I cannot say the same for all the people in my town. I feel like if there was a media outlet that provided them with options they would better themselves. Our hyperlocal blog would be utilized almost like the RU Admissions blog in the sense where we would permit teens to have an opportunity to gain a new hobby in blogging. Our blog would also provide alternatives for life changing things; therapy options, assistance in school, after school activities, and just targeting more to the community as a whole rather than focusing solely on education/politics. Our hyperlocal blog would be something that can provide news to ensure future safety, provide opportunities with jobs/extra activities, and just all in all provide the community with a well rounded source of news.