“30 Blogging Tactics to Stay Motivated [Research] – Heidi Cohen.” Heidi Cohen. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Nov. 2014.

30 Blogging Tactics to Stay Motivated is a research based article that discusses blogging, motivation, and willpower.

In my paper, I will use this source to elaborate on how blogging encourages a more positive, healthy lifestyle. Blogging everyday isn’t easy and it’s easy to get frustrated, feel out of ideas, and to quit. However, it’s also easy to prevent yourself from ever getting to this point. You simply have to make an effort to keep that from happening by following some of the suggestions listed in this article.

The article begins by discussing three essential elements that must occur simultaneously for people to feel happy and motivated. The article goes on to discuss the 30 tips they recommend. Some of the areas they cover are attracting positive feedback to motivate yourself, getting into a blogging routine, planning, gathering inspiration, getting social, and analyzing what works and what doesn’t.

The actionable tactics are practical and achievable. These are things that anybody can do. For example, the idea of creating a special blog ritual goes hand-in-hand with the notion that blogging regularly can effectively make you a happier person.

Within each of those broad categories is a series of suggestions that can keep a blogger motivated, inspired, and engaged. I believe this type of information is essential as it will help sustain daily blogging in order to stick to the suggested behaviors that are discussed in my paper.