Mail Today Reporter. “Blogs of the Day: Iggy Azalea hits back at Snoop Dogg.” 3 Nov. 2014. Web.

This blogging website takes a different angle at social media. In reality blogging is a somewhat social media related forum. Blogging incorporates the authors perspective on whatever he/she wants to explore. Social media just captures whatever is present and exploits it .. whether negative or positive. This specific blog is taking the Iggy VS Snoop Dogg incident and reporting it. Twitter, Facebook, Instgram, etc. are all forms of the media that is used for entertainment reasons. Iggy and Snoop Dogg had a public argument on social media that went as far as race related. To fight back, Iggy recently (on Halloween) dressed as the White Chicks main character with the subtitle “Bye Haterzzzzz” because Snoop Dogg called her that character as an insult. This goes to show that blogs have numerous reasons. A blog can be used to create a brand, use as a media outlet, or whatever a person may want to report to the world.