Content Delivery in the ‘Blogosphere’ (2004). The Journal Online: Technological Horizons in Education. Retrieved November 1, 2014, from

This was the first annotated bibliography that I’ve used Google scholar for. All of my previous posts have involved articles that I’ve found online, usually either news articles or regular blog posts. This source is particularly interesting because it comes from a journal. It talks about how (even in 2004) the ‘blogosphere’ as they say, was a big component to the classroom. The authors in this piece dive into the reasons why blogs are helpful, stating that they will definitely be of benefit to the students taking that particular class. They also draw on reasons why blogs are useful for the teachers.

One thing that the article does suggest is teaching students how much of a “reach” blogs actually have. When they realize that their voice is actually being heard on a grander scale, they are more excited to participate in the classroom blog. This journal piece will be very useful for my paper in that, from a scholarly perspective, analyzes the reasons why classroom blogs are so useful. It analyzes the benefits for both teachers and students, which not all of my previous sources have done.