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In my previous annotated bibliography, I talked about different blogging platforms and briefly talked about he disadvantages and advantages. Today, I am going to focus on one blogging platform. That one blogging platform is going to be Blogger. Blogger is one of the popular platforms along with Tumblr, WordPress, and etc. Blogger is controlled by Google; therefore, your blog will always get good exposure as long as you consistently post. If you’re not tech savy, fear not because Blogger is easy to use! You can also have your own domain name as long as there is no duplicate! Blogger is easy to use; you can manage all your blog sites in ONE dashboard. If you guys haven’t used blogger, you guys should check it out. However, the layout is pretty similar to WordPress! Some of the disadvantages are that since Google controls Blogger your blog could disappear anytime if Google decides to shut down the platform! WordPress has more than 1000 plug ins. Blogger is very limited in customizing your own blog and getting a new template! Womp.