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Brooks, Larry. “How My Blog Landed Me a Book Deal.” n.d. CopyBlogger.com. <http://www.copyblogger.com/blog-to-book-deal/&gt;.

The main argument of this article is the importance of having a well-defined niche. Brooks argues that it is not how many widely popular your blog is that will attract a publisher when writing you proposal it is the importance of demonstrating that you have a defined niche and that there are people who are interested in that niche. He also talks about the importance of the personal platform; your platform is the you that a perspective publisher will see.

Brooks builds on the research that I have already found while defining it in more particular terms. His blog is the reason he has a book deal for his new book and so I think it is a reliable source. The goal of this source is to educate bloggers on how to make their dreams of a book deal into a reality through the use of a blog.

This source fits right in with the rest of my research. I am going to look into the extra information he provides which I hope I will also be able to use. My argument stays the same, with perhaps a larger emphasis on defining your niche as a blogger. I will be using this source.