Darlene, Dan and Krupal

The business that Dan, Krupal and I decided to start up is a young adult clothing brand called Threads co. It contains simple clothing that has become a hot trend among the American youth today. We will begin our business with a handful of samples to order, in order to ensure that what we are choosing is popular among our customers. The clothing will consist of very plain, neutral colors and pieces. Cardigans in all colors, jeans in all colors, t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, etc. The reason why we decided to take the simple route is because today, many outfits are thrown together by taking simple pieces that look good together, rather than typically having a very flashy shirt or pair of pants, just to pair it with something plain and boring.


In order to promote ourselves, we are going to have to turn to social media. Because we are promoting a clothing company, visuals are going to be a huge help t our business. We will have a Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest. On Facebook we can promote coupons and sales that are going to be taking place in order to get a large following base and to encourage customers to purchase our clothing. On Tumblr and Pinterest, we will be able to post images of our clothing. Like most other clothing companies, they use social media to share images of models in their clothing, to inspire people to want to look like them. We will do the same thing. We will post pictures of models in our clothing in hopes that people will feel the need to buy our clothing. With all of our social media sites, we plan to create our own website in the future when we are up and going, where customers can order online and have a larger variety of product to look through than they would in store. Especially because we are a start up we are starting with little to no money. Therefore, social media is our main means of publicizing, and advertising our brand.

nike-t5-logo-brandBecause our clothing is very simplistic, we need something to trademark our company. To do this we will have a prominent logo. The logo is still being decided upon, but it is important because that is why people are shopping for our brand. When people shop Nike, they will buy a plain white t-shirt for $50, as long as it has the Nike symbol on it. We hope people will one day feel the same way about our clothing. It is made of good quality, and can be worn with anything due to its simple aesthetic. A simple and strong logo will really add onto the idea of the simplistic style we are aiming for.