Our group will be starting a Brownie Shop off of College Ave at Rutgers University where students can buy 5 brownies for $10.00. If you only want to buy one brownie the cost will be $3.00. Our business will be officially open everyday at 11.
We will definitely make a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, but not a Pinterest.
Our business will offer delivery and the driver will ask permission to take a picture of you for the company’s social media accounts. If they consent and sign a form of model release, we will proceed to post a photo of them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We will also ask them to create a new company-related hashtag.
Questions, comments, and concerns will be addressed on Twitter via our one-person customer service department. Hours will be Monday – Friday and sometimes Saturdays from 10AM to 5PM.
Cinnamon Brownies.ashx
The Facebook will include important updates about our business.
The Twitter will announcements new flavors of brownies as we get them.
If people post their brownies on Instagram and tag us, we will send them a promo code for the next time they order. This will make them want to order again and again and again.
If we don’t get brownies delivered to you within 3 hours of placing your order, you get them for free. We will advertise this via Facebook and Twitter.
The reason for us avoiding Pinterest is because we don’t want mothers stealing our recipes. We want their children to come to us.
-Rocky, Jade, Jess, Juliana