As a group, we think that aesthetically it looks messy and can disrupt the viewer. Starting from the the top it literally is a mess of “college-type” things which is what is supposed to draw in the viewer. Also the use of red can feel overbearing and “hurts the eyes”. Especially in the archive, all of the font is red which just makes it beam out at you. We understand that it’s supposed to represent Rutgers, but that doesn’t mean that we have to follow the schools color scheme in every format and flood the viewer with red.

Also, maybe more advertisement for the blog would be good. Looking at the posts there doesn’t seem to be many comments or ratings. More traffic would give more reason and purpose for the blogging and might even raise the posts numbers and efforts because the writer now knows that there is a huge viewership for his or her work.

Everything just feels kind of cut and dry. When looking in the post thread, it all seems like basic formatting. Starting from the underlined title, to the five star rating, and lastly the share links on the bottom. Then when you actually go on the post, there is no backing for the post just the red layout. Dark red and black never go well together because honestly it’s just hard on the eyes. To add on top of that the font seems to be a size 8, which makes it even harder to read. It’s very bold and just seems like hard work.

When you take a look at tumblr, or even the aesthetic changes of applications and even big companies like Apple, you see that they go for a smoother simplistic look. They have very moderate and cooled down colors with simple straight to the point links. The commissions blog just seems very all over the place, and honestly makes it very hard to know where to start.

I also think there should be more of an incentive for the bloggers. For some of the bloggers it seems like it was just a class assignment. There are a lack of pictures and often seemed like one big paragraph. One example mentioned before of advertising more can maybe give that incentive to writers knowing that there is a big viewership.

This leads into the last point. I think that theres needs to be a new creative idea. I understand that this is just for Rutgers, but if we were to take it to a new level then something new should be done. Something that will draw in readers, and something that will draw in more bloggers. There is a new tumblr called Humans of Rutgers which has garnered a following. There are also a lot of Rutgers (College) themed twitters that garner a huge following. If the commissions blog could do something like that, that makes it special or different this can definitely interest new students and even current students.