By Jessica, Rocky, Jade, and Juliana

There are several components of the Rutgers Student Blog that we feel can be improved to make it more appealing for all readers.  We feel that the tag cloud makes the blog appear not as neat as it should be.  If there were to be a tag cloud, it should not be nearly as large as it currently is on the blog because it is distracting and many of the tags listed are not entirely relevant.  Overall, the blog is unorganized and needs more clarity.  For example, if you click on “Rutgers Admissions” in the right-hand corner, you are redirected to the RU Admissions website to apply to Rutgers.  This link on the blog needs to be clearer so that readers will know that clicking on it will take them to the admissions link.  Rather than “Rutgers Admissions” it should say something like “Click here to apply to Rutgers!” so that readers will know exactly where they are going.

The blog also has some technical glitches that definitely take away from everything which the blog has the potential to offer.  For example, when you click on a post, it takes a long time for the page to load and change from a red background to a white one.  When the background is red, the text is very difficult to read and makes people want to leave the page if they do not know that the background will eventually correct itself.

We also feel that the blog needs to have a more profound presence on social media.  We believe that not many students are going to take the time to go onto this website just to read blog posts.  However, if the blog were to be advertised on Facebook, Twitter, etc., we feel that the blog would gain a lot more attention and traffic.  While we may not go to this website to check out the posts on our own initiative, if we were to see a post on our newsfeed that seems interesting and/or relevant to our own lives, we are much more likely to visit the blog.

When we all clicked on the “subscribe” button, we were rerouted to different pages.  A couple of us were shown a page of complicated coding, while others were redirected to a page asking them to use an app in order to subscribe.  It is definitely technical issues such as these that would make students leave the blog and most likely not return to it if they are not given the chance to subscribe to it.

We all agreed that the best part of this blog is the content which the students contribute.  The posts definitely discuss interesting topics which other students would find useful and helpful in trying to get through some of the stressful times that come with college.  However, the structure of the blog itself needs to be adjusted in order to give these posts the visual appeal and attention which they deserve.  With the proper edits and changes, we believe that this blog could have a lot of potential because the students who are posting definitely have a lot of insight and advice to offer.