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Group: Seyvona, Jeremy, Erin, Hector, Justin

The admissions blog isn’t really well known or advertised. Our group didn’t know about the blog until this class, and many of us feel it would have been nice to see it before or during the admission process. Maybe having a link to the blog at the top of the application and as part the the acceptance packet.

The mobile layout is frankly terrible. Looking at the page on an tablet or smart phone deters the reader from continuing. Most younger people use mobile devices, and the lack of a visually appealing mobile page is a huge problem.


Tag cloud is pretty large and ambiguous. It’s not helpful to the reader at all, and it’s size is visually unappealing. For an admission blog, some of the tags are inappropriate, such as “fr3sh”, and several repetitive tags such as “precalc” and “precalculus”.
Since the blog is written by various students, it’s hard for the writers to maintain a coherent tag cloud, so it would be better if the admissions blog administrators were to occasionally filter through the tags.

The last thing we noticed is that on the home page, the reader cannot see any part of the post. While a whole post would be too much, it would be nice to see the first 3-5 lines of the post to let the reader start reading it and therefore be more inclined to click “more”. A title is not enough to get a reader interested in clicking into the whole article.