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This post was done by Rebecca and Carmen.

Posting wise we didn’t like the format for posting. An easier to use/writer friendly interface would encourage more and easier posting.

A second thing pertaining to format that we didn’t like is how a post looks when you first click on it. Before the page loads completely the post can be very hard to read because of the color of the font on the background. Looking at the post while it is loading may deter people from actually staying on the post and reading it.

We believe that there should be preview of posts or a synopsis. The only thing you have to go off of when looking at the posts on the main page is the title, person who wrote it, and the date of publication. These things may not always be able to tell a reader if they may or may not want to read the post. A preview of the post or a brief synopsis would allow the reader to gauge if they actually want to read the rest of the post or not.

Categories should be displayed on a side bar so that readers can easily find posts that pertain to the subject that they are looking for. Categories would help organize the whole site and make it look cleaner.

We found that tag cloud needs to be cleaned up. There are so many tags and many of them are not helpful. Over all the tag cloud is simply overwhelming in its current state.

When we went to subscribe to the blog we found the “subscribe button” was broken. The point of a blog is to get returning readers and if a reader can’t subscribe they’re not going to return. The button needs to be fixed.

The archives were a bit of a mess. The archive categories need to be bigger, it was difficult to distinguish the categories from the posts within each category. We also thought that the categories should be more specific, one category was family, grades, and winter break. Each of those things in that category could have been its own category and that would have made a much more organized and easy to navigate site.