We have decided to create a dessert company in which we will make different assortments of cake pops. In general, we will focus on using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter. For each social media site, there is a different goal.

On Facebook, we want to convince customers to stop by our store by advertising special deals and seasonal items. In addition, it will be easy to find logistic information such as our address, store hours, prices so that customers have no problems getting to our store and knowing what to expect.

Instagram will help to entice customers with appealing pictures of our products. We will also encourage our customers to post Instagram pictures of our products hashtagging our business name.

On Pinterest we will share customers’ recipes and ideas in addition to their people’s pictures of our products. For an interactive component, we will post pictures of our products along with recipes so that people can try to make their own desserts at home. This will help to facilitate a positive relationship between our business and customers because they will feel like our business values their thoughts, ideas and creations.

Twitter will enable us to reach out to our customers and be more personal with them. With Twitter, we will use it to address customer concerns or answer questions. It would also be very much like our Facebook website in the sense that we are consistently posting live updates regarding special deals or seasonal items so that customers are up to date with our products.

An example of a seasonal product for the upcoming holiday:

Throughout the social media sites, we will have a consistent symbol that can be easily located and identified as our business logo. In general when we speak to our audience we want to be as friendly as possible so that consumers feel like they are in a casual relationship with us. We want them to feel like they can reach out to us and voice their ideas and opinions and form a unique bond with us over the art of baking.