As we have discovered so far, maintaining a blog is hard work. While it seems that working with someone else to maintain a blog would be easier, after reading “7 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Collaborative Blog“, I can see that there are many different ways collaboration could go. Similar to any business venture or move in a new direction, starting a blog with a friend would sound like fun, but could be tragic if not properly thought out. Like the writers in the post mentioned, if both of you are not equally committed to the blog, it would go to ruin. Being friends would make this more difficult, as neither of you would want to insult your friend be call them out on the lack of commitment. No one would want to be the “bossy” member of the partnership, and eventually either the blog or the friendship would fall apart. Equal commitment is important, and necessary to establish when beginning something. This is easier to do if you work with someone with whom your relationship is professional. In many ways, a blog is a professional endeavor, and a successful collaborative blog must work like any project at a work place environment. Meetings and brainstorming are easier to accomplish if a personal component is not present in the relationship.
Many of the points mentioned in the article remind me of similar advice given to me when moving into college. “Don’t room with your best friend unless you’ve both talked everything out – literally everything” I have known many friends who have been roommates who end up hating each other due to diverging habits. One was a morning person and the other a night owl, one was chatting and the other liked solitude when studying, or the even more common problem pretty unequal neatness. But, some friends can make the best of roommates, just like some friends can make great business partners. It just depends on equal understanding of what the situation you’re embarging on together entails.

A meeting in the TV Show Mad Men  Source

A meeting in the TV Show Mad Men

All of these points boil down to the ultimate skill of communication. Effective communication is vital. If there is anything that I’ve learned at Rutgers that I know will help me out in life beyond graduation, it’s how to effectively communicate with people via various media outlets. Many of the methods of good email communication are touched upon the the post “Guest Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide“, and they can be applied to all email inquiries outside of blogging. Inquiring about a job position, a position in a lab, a meeting to pitch and idea to a boss higher up – all of these scenarios occur in the real-world of jobs regardless of which field that job is a part of.