Becker, Holly. “The Future of Blogging-What Do You Think?” Weblog post. Decor8. N.p., 17 May 2014. Web. 26 Oct. 2014.


This blog post really spoke to me. I think the act of blogging has really changed from when it first started to now. When people first started blogging, it was new. It was something for everyone to dive upon in and express themselves. Now, blogging has is uniform. What’s trending now is shown on blogs. Because of that, things that aren’t popular or don’t catch the hipsters’ eyes are lost. People blog to be hipster/tumblr worthy/artsy fartsy. Blogging has changed to being expressive and unique to being the same. It is great that blogging could be used in a professional setting. In a way, blogging has made people more open-minded but at the same time I feel like a majority of the people who blog blog for the sake of it to look cool. Some blogs are same old same old. On Pinterest, there are numerous posts regarding the same thing…blogging should be individual, innovative, smart, and creative because through blogs we get to know the lives or personalities of others. The future of blogging looks bleak, but it can be exciting and new if we as a community change it to be relatable and useful.