Sukernik, Larry. Personal Interview. 20 October 2014.

Larry is a senior in the Rutgers University Business school. He has had a blog for a few years, and believes it helps add to his resume. In his field, accounting, individuals with websites and blogs are rare, so when the recruiter does the perfunctory web search of “Larry Sukernik” to check for any untoward social media behaviors, they find his website, larrysukernik.com, and it’s fairly impressive to them. The website acts as an online resume, where Larry includes some facts about himself and his work experience that do not fit into the normal one page business resume. Additionally, his website has a blog, and while it does not have many posts, there is enough of a writing sample there for the recruiter to get a feeling for Larry’s personality. Good writing is an extremely personal thing, and when the recruiter has read Larry’s work, he’s getting to know the job applicant before Larry even steps into the interview room. The blog and website are also brought up in the interview itself, pulling Larry away from the monotony of other eager soon-to-graduate seniors. He believes that while the blog itself did not guarantee him his job position, in addition to his GPA and internship experience, it gave him the edge needed to stand out of the crowd of similar applicants.