Shapiro, Rebecca. “Beyonce’s Publicist Asks BuzzFeed To Remove ‘Unflattering’ Photos And We’re Confused (PHOTOS).” The Huffington Post. TheHuffingtonPost.com, 06 Feb. 2013. Web. 26 Oct. 2014. <http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/06/beyonce-publicist-buzzfeed-remove-photos_n_2630184.html&gt;.

I am using this article to show that even celebrities, who are constantly in the limelight, do not always agree with every photo that is put up of them or taken of them. Granting permission for use of pictures is becoming a big issue with social media as images are going up that are hurting people. In this case, Beyonce does not like the unflattering pictures that were uploaded of her and she wants them removed. This can bring up the point in my paper on whether or not celebrities give up these rights when fame comes their way.