Huneycutt, T. (2013, October 8). Blog. Retrieved October 26, 2014, from

This article provided a more generalized look at the importance of blogs in the classroom. More broadly speaking, blogs offer a blended learning opportunity, which actually keeps students more engaged in their work. The piece does a great job of outlining why this learning style would be beneficial to any student’s experience. I personally chose this article because of how much I could relate to what they were saying. The first two reasons why the author is for blended learning are that it makes them more focused and excited about the material at hand. I can say from having the first-hand experience of blended learning that I agree with both of these statements. This information will certainly be useful for my final paper. I think that it will be used best for my introduction, since it will generally address the topic and show how blogs are creating positive experiences for all that engage with them. The last point of this article has to do with how the experience will prepare students for the future. I think that adding a line or two about expectations for the future might improve the conclusion of my paper as well.