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Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to publicize your own blogs to increase readership. That’s where the power of guest blogging really shines. Not only can it introduce a new perspective and a deviation from your usual posts, but it can also help the guest blogger achieve more readership with their blogs. So it’s a win win right?


The Beginners Guide to Guest Blogging offers a lot of great tips on guest blogging when it comes to doing your research, giving your pitch, and writing your post. I immediately noticed that one of the really big concepts this article kept bringing up was the thought process. You really can’t dive into guest blogging and recklessly try and throw yourself out there. Some of the big tips the author generally involve taking things one step at a time and thinking things through. One excellent point I noticed was his idea to put yourself in the receivers shoes. As the receiver of a blog, you wouldn’t want a guest blog post whose pitch is very sloppy, and or time consuming to read/understand. Therefore, if you can think what the blogger would like to see in a guest blog request email, your pitch will definitely be greatly enhanced.

Some of the key tips that really stood out to me for these emails include

  • Being clean and proofread (not sloppy and lazy!)
  • Referencing something on their blog to show you have an interest and took the time to read their blog
  • Being patient and not coming off as too aggressive or desperate

Overall, you really just have to think things through and take your time because after all you are the guest and the blogger isn’t 100% inclined to allow just anybody to guest post on their blogs, so make sure you really give it your all.

The next article, 7 Essential Ingredients For A Successful Collaborative Blog, really hammers down on the keys for unlocking the door to a great collaborative blog.

A collaborative blog involves multiple authors all working together and contributing to the posts and maintenance of the blog. One of the biggest aspects that popped out to me from the 7 tips is the teamwork aspect. It’s really crucial whenever you have a team that you set yourselves a goal, and all work together to achieve that set goal. This involves equal distribution of work, strong communication, a variety of talents you can bring to the table, etc… You can all be great individual bloggers; but at the end of the day, for a collaborative blog to be successful, you need to have the teamwork aspect.

Best Friends

I also really liked the 7th tip they gave, which was to have fun into the mix. This really applies to all of our blogs whether it be collaborative or non collaborative. We need to have passion and enjoy the posts that we take the time to create everyday or every week. If blogging starts to become more of a chore than an enjoyable experience for you, make sure you take your blog into the right direction where your passion truly lies.