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Hoffs, Gill. Personal Interview Rebecca Rice. 18 October 2014.

In this interview with Gill Hoff she answered the same questions I had asked Anna Goldfarb, but with fairly different answers. Gill uses her blog as a place to accumulate all the information and research she gathers for her current writing project, which is on a ship wreck. In a way it is a place for her followers to keep up to date on what she is doing and where the project is. The blog is not so much her focus as of right now but she does admit it has helped her in the past, such as attracting a literary agent and a way for her publishers to see that how she represented herself to them was consistent with how she wrote.

I think there were some helpful points in this interview, although some of the information gathered won’t be helpful to my paper. It is quite different in content from my other sources. I think even though it might not be the most useful of all my resources it is reliable and will be at least a little helpful.

I think if I use this source in my paper I will only use it to highlight points that I can make through my interview with Anna Goldfarb. Even if I don’t use this source in my paper I believe this interview was personally helpful for my writing in the long run. This source doesn’t shape my argument any differently. This interview has allowed me to see that there are other ways of using a blog to obtain a book deal than the one I have been researching, which is a deal dependent on the blog.