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After reading the article about the 30 blogging tactics to stay motivated, it drew my attention to follow some of those tips. They definitely apply. I especially liked the tip to write in public. Writing in public will get me into the habit of writing in general. Blogging is a free expression of whatever topic interests me. However, if I write in public; I will be writing more of what I see in front of me. I will write what I see interests my peers in college. That will potentially bring more readers to my blog if I target not only my interests, but also the interests of my peers. Another resourceful tip was surveying my readers. That seemed like such a useful tip. Surveying readers will again create a bigger reader base because I am incorporating my ideas with what they want to read. The last tip I found on that list to be most useful was using social media to gather what is going on in media and with real life people. I found all these tips to specifically be useful because my blog is media related. I blog about all the hot spots, celebrity gossip, fashion tips, and lifestyle tips. All these tips target my blog to gather even more readers.