Alfaro, Lesly. Personal Interview. 18 Oct 2014.

For this assignment I interviewed a person I knew who was regularly using a form of a blog. This interviewee uses tumblr very frequently; on a daily basis. She expressed how she loves being able to freely re-post any picture she wants. She usually chooses pictures that represent what she feels at that current moment. She feels like that is a space that is open for expression of things that sometimes she is afraid to verbally say out loud. I like that she was able to open up to me during this interview. She expressed how tumblr has even helped her during a hard time in her life. Being able to re-post pictures without a second thought made her feel in power of her life. I thought that was very deep. I asked the question of a blog creating a positive image in a person’s brand. She responded with yes; if it is beyond a tumblr blog. A tumblr blog mainly uses photos, while other blogs can capture actual written words to describe a person. She felt very strongly about a blog helping a person grow into a better form of oneself. I agreed. All in all it was a good interview.