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I noticed that I do not respond to the comments that people post on my post. And I am deeply sorry, Usually when I am moderating the comments, I am either busy or on my phone looking at the notifications. And in my personal opinion, using my phone on wordpress is really annoying. From now on, I will respond to all the comments that the audience comments on because it will not motivate me to continue blogging, but it will motivate and give a reason why my audience should continue to look at my blog.

I will also use #8 and skip the words. I noticed that I write a lot and honestly it does get really annoying and boring. I feel like I don’t put enough pictures or my pictures aren’t spaced well enough that it may actually bore the reader.

I will maintain an on-going list of potential topics so that I am not hopelessly lost when I have to present two posts every week. It is really good to think ahead so that you can get the ingredients or supplies beforehand and not panic on the week of. That is actually what happened to me this week. I had something planned but because I didn’t have the supplies I couldn’t do it and had to think of another idea. Yikes…not fun!

Since WordPress isn’t like Tumblr where you can’t have an Ask me widget, I will ask what my readers/friends would like to see more just as I did last week. It is good to find a balance where one post may be something that I want to do and the other post may be something that the audience would like to see. Therefore, it is not an one-sided boring relationship.

Hahah, really loved number 25! This is something I actually do a lot for my personal blog. I troll on Pinterest and other visual social media to get ideas. Sometimes, it does really help because I tweek the projects I see and make it differently. However, sometimes I actually can’t seem to find something worthy for me to do. Shocking! However, I still use it and will still continue to use it! Definitely share where you got it from so that it doesn’t look like your stealing their idea! Also, you never know they may advertise your blog for being courteous and considerate. 🙂

Don’t forget to checkout my blog! You will be entertained.

What will you do?