I actually already started to incorporate some of these suggestions on how to attract positive feedback to motivate myself throughout my fitness blog. I believe it was 2 weeks ago when you had us write down any topics that we would be writing about in the future. The exercise was defiantly useful as whenever I am about to write my posts for the week all I have to do is open up my laptop and see the ideas I wrote down. My advice would be to have it somewhere that you frequently visit just incase an idea comes to mind. For example, I have my list of ideas as a post so every time I open up my laptop I could see what I already wrote about and what I could still incorporate. For my next post I’ll like to write somewhere different as the article states it’ll build up my writing habit. An aspect I’ll like to add to my blog that I believe will attract readers are asking questions on Facebook or other social networks in order to receive different perspectives of fitness. Hence, it will allow me to compare certain parts and could even write a post about how certain workouts could be completely different just from the goal the individual has. I don’t really know how I would feel at the moment involving a twitter chat into my blog discussion or posts since it’s pretty new and I rather get insight from strangers when I’m more established.

Studying what works for your blog could defiantly go a long way in determining how successful or not the blog becomes. As the article states in number 28, examining ones analytics is important. By doing so as a blogger you could notice what topics your target audience are interested in. Once I realize this it will allow myself to come up with more creative posts that will interest the audience I have. What everything said, what I will try to bring into my own blog within this semester is using a calendar with goals throughout it. Maybe one week I have 3exams and another week I have none; so making a calendar will allow myself to see how much free time I will have to dedicate to my blog. The first thing I learn was in the first week of classes when I saved all of my blog work the night before. It probably was one of the worst ideas I’ve had since I was up nearly to 5 in the morning finishing everything up. Planning ahead will avoid not having topics to write about and allow the blog to come alive. Also I need to incorporate more videos, pictures, or aids into my post as I feel sometimes I am talking to much. I wouldn’t want to bore my audience and make them leave my blog within sections of looking at it. I still don’t have a ritual for when I write so I’ll have to come up with one as the semester goes on