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From the article, “30 Blogging Tactics To Stay Motivated” I noticed that to stay motivated, the blogger as well as the audience is responsible. It is the responsibility of the blogger to come up with new content that keeps the audience interested and engaged.

This means that as a writer, I should make sure I blog often so I’m going to try and start blogging at the same time everyday while drinking a cup of green tea. Hopefully this gets me into a sort of routine so I feel weird if I don’t do it. In addition, I want to try and use less words and more multimedia content. For example, I am thinking about posting an interesting music video once a week of a song I like but without me analyzing the song or video. This is important if I want to engage the audience. In general, I want to start creating more varied posts because I’ve noticed that my posts can be very repetitive (especially on Sundays when I introduce a new artist that I am listening to as I study). I’m hoping to incorporate music news and music videos into my blog to vary the posts.

If I want to stay motivated, I have to feel like I’m writing for a purpose – for people who are actually going to read my posts. So, I want to start responding to comments, asking my audience what they want to listen to also join a blogging group. By feeling like I have a purpose and sense of community, I will feel more motivated to keep up with my blog and maintain it.