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My plan to stay motivated and committed to my blog begins with maintaining a list of blogging topics which comes from the article, “30 Blogging Tactics to Stay Motivated.” By maintaining a list of blogging topics or what to look out for as I go through my week, I will have something to share with my audience. Because I need to listen to what is going on around me and pick up on conversation, ear1once I hear a statement that causes me to think, I will make a mental note and then later a physical note. From that list compiled during the week I will be able to have topics to choose from to share with my audience. This will help me be prepared to blog and post something with content.

Next I will collect ideas, not necessarily from employees, but friends. I will survey what they have heard and share with them what I have heard and discuss what the best topic to post about that week will be. Hearing their opinions on topics helps me analyze the situation I am currently blogging about and share with others how people react to certain statements. These reactions will help me share with readers ways to approach certain situations better, almost like a life hack, to help improve society in whatever small way I can.

The last tip I will follow to stay motivated as I blog is under the branch of getting social. Using social media will help me continue my blogging because I am always on social media myself. I will “use Twitter to determine what’s trev65oai7fxn47qv9nectxnding.”  Applying to my blog specifically, you always find controversy on social media and specifically on Twitter, I daily read statements that probably should not have been posted. Reading what a large part of the Internet community is reacting to helps me reach out to a broader audience and helps me blog about what viewers want to read about.