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There were 2 really big tips here that stuck out to me as a blogger. Changing the environment around myself can definitely really help me out a lot. I sometimes feel really bored and dull when i type some posts. If i maybe changed the setting and maybe brought my laptop to like the tennis courts themselves maybe i’ll get a better feeling for tennis and I might even have an idea sparked for a post by watching other people play. I think changing the settings in where you type can definitely create a significant difference in how we approach the post because we will feel more lively and may come up with new ways to format the post and stuff.

The 2nd tip I noticed that would be great is to interact with the readers more and maybe even make a whole post in response to a comment. Sometimes instead of typing out long comments in response to another you can just make a blog post that goes into depth that way everybody who may miss your comment in response to the other person’s, will be able to see your ideas regarding that subject in a whole post. It’s also a great way to gain inspiration for future posts in case you are starting to run low on potential content. Just spending a little time reviewing my comments and checking for new potential ideas is definitely worth it so I think i’ll do that.