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It’s easy to fall into a pattern of tossing your blog aside once you’ve missed a week of posting. But today’s class brought up new ideas and suggestions for keeping the motivation alive throughout the entire semester. A few thoughts in particular stuck out to me when analyzing how I intend to continue blogging on a regular schedule.

I was most drawn to the ideas that suggested collaboration and input from other bloggers. I was intrigued by the thought of commenting on or sharing other bloggers’ content in an effort to spark new conversations. I think that a lot of great ideas are formed as a result of collaborative, group discussions, so this really seemed like an easy way to improve my own blog’s content.

I am also very interested in trying out several ideas that were suggested under “get social”. I spend a lot of time on social media, especially as an aspiring journalist, so I think that this is something I would definitely excel in. I am always scanning LinkedIn, in particular, for internship opportunities. I never thought to post on discussion forums for new content inspiration, so this is something I will try in the future.

Twitter is also proving to be hugely important in both the blogosphere and in journalists’ toolkits. Hashtags help funnel important conversations that I think with some research, could contribute greatly to my content.

Most of my suggestions for keeping the motivation alive on this Monday stem from ideas in the “get social” category of Cohen’s post. I definitely think that using this article as a reference will certainly aid in the future success of my personal blog.