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I would like to keep my blog up after the course ends, since one of my goals in taking the class was to create a writing habit and kick start my blog.

That said, many of the techniques we walked about in class today would be interesting for my blog topic, medical technology

Participating in a twitter chat and writing a blog about it would be an interesting post. Twitter is full of chats hosted by medical schools, hospitals, and prominent tech-promoting physicians. I’ve read several in the past, but it would be interesting to participate and promote my blog while creating content.

Interviewing another blogger who blogs about a similar topic would be a fun post to do as well. Not only would I be able to learn from their ideas and opinions, but we would also be able to mutually promote each other’s blogs. I could use this technique for a post on a topic I have no expertise in, such as what life in medical school is like, or how a doctor feels about adopting a new technology.

Another activity I could do is live blog a technology event such as the windows or Apple technology reveal events. I would probably need to live blog it via twitter because I do not have the programming skills to create a live post page. I would need to advertise it beforehand on several of my blog posts and on twitter to hope to generate an audience, and then I could do a follow up blog post of the live tweeting event.