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After reading the article on how to stay motivated for long term blogging a few of the suggestions that stood out to me were: responding to comments, encouraging my friends and family to share my posts, creating a blog ritual, using an editorial calender, troll Pinterest for new ideas, and use questions that appear in the comments as content for a new post.

Through all the research I have done for my research paper for this class a common thread I have seen is that responding to comments correlates directly with success of the blog, and success of blog encourages motivation. My plan is to take time each week to respond to comments that have come in, with more than a simple “thanks” but with actual content that will encourage a relationship with the reader.

My friends and family have a wide reach on social media and if I were to ask them to help me share and get my blog out there I’m sure they would be only too happy to help me out. Those of my friends and family who have read it have really enjoyed it but I don’t think they understand how help a share would be. By explaining to them how important a share is I think I will be able to get more traffic ad encouragement from my friends and family.

As a writer I know how important creating a writing or blogging ritual is. As of yet I haven’t been able to pin down a specific ritual, but over these next few weeks i am going to work on pinning down my ritual and so that when I do sit down to blog my mind is already in it and I don’t need to waste my time getting into it.

The editorial calender I set up a few weeks ago has been so incredibly helpful. Therefore going forward I am going to keep up the editorial calender so that there is no guess work as to what and when I should be writing.

My blog is heavily influenced by Pinterest and so keeping up with new crafts, snacks, and activities on Pinterest will be important for me to do. It is a way for me to find new ideas, rediscover old ones I forgot about, and become inspired to make up my own. Pinterest is a resource that never seems to run dry of inspiration and motvation for me.

Finally I think once i have cultivated a larger following and people are asking me questions responding to those questions in a post will be a helpful way for me to stay motivated and encourage readership. Creating post like this will encourage me to stay connected with my readers and build the relationship between the readers and myself.