Blogging can be a tedious process if you are unmotivated, or can’t think of where your blog is going next. The article “30 Blogging Tactics To stay Motivated” by Heidi Cohen has some great tips for doing just that. I feel that getting a blogging buddy can be a great motivator. If you have a friend that you can share the experience with it will make things more fun, organic, and challenging (in a good way).A friend can challenge you if you don’t write a post that’s up to par with the rest of your posts. They can give you honest criticisms that will only help in prove your blog.

What we have done in a previous class is make a calendar for what topics you may blog about. I have found this to be very helpful. You can literally create a calendar in one day that lasts for months. It helps you come up with ideas to write if you aren’t sure what you want to write about. It can also help you organize and structure your blog so it is more balanced. You can have a wide spread of categories and have each weeks post be something different or a different category.

Trying to attract positive feedback can be a huge motivator. If you have a few responses on your blog that means that people are actually interested and want to hear from you. When you know that you have a somewhat stable reader base you do not want to disappoint them. You’ll continue to keep up your blog because now there are people who are interested in starting a conversation. It can be  about very simple thing things, but it still helps.

Encouraging your family to read your blog post can be a source of motivation as well. When I know my family is going to be reading, they may form an expectation. So if my mom calls up saying whats going on, I know I haven’t done my job as a blogger. This can also serve as a way to keep in contact with relatives who you do not see as often as you like. now a days it can be difficult to even schedule a phone call that works for you and , lets say your cousin. So if you update your blog or even choose a family member as a blogging buddy, you guys can stay current and even help each other a long.

As II said earlier, it can be hard to keep a steady blog stream going. That article is very helpful. It gives you a bunch of resources that can help you stay active within the blogging community. There is a lot that can be done to stave off the redundancy of blogging. This article gives you the tools to help keep things fresh and interesting. Joining another community of bloggers can also be a very helpful utility.