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There were many great tips from that list for my blog to be more successful. But the best ones l like were #2,#7,#8,#10(defiantly),and #15. I really need to make a calendar for my posts. Because one week i forgot to write the posts and till now i’m doing catching up. I think that will write 4 posts to catch up but for some reason i can’t with ongoing classes. Threfore, i need to just go outside in a nice environment and just type. Because i spend most of my time in a study room at kilmer. I don’t get enough thoughts or get bored writing after like 30 minutes. I can’t defiantly not take blogging break so #9 is of the list. I need to encourage my friends to read my posts because my friends are just as technical as me so they will know what i’m talking about and give me tips on what to write next.