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After reading the list of 30 helpful blogging tactics, I believe that there are quite a few that can help me stay motivated and to increase social interaction with other people through my blog.

Responding to comments is definitely a helpful way to connect with your followers.  I have had a few people outside of our class comment and follow my blog, and I did not instantly jump to respond, but I should have because for all I know they would have commented again!

I use a lot of images in my blog but I think a video will be cool to add into a cooking blog.  When you cook, the food you are making never turns out looking like it did before you started, and I think creating a video out of my cooking will be really cool, not only to create but for my followers to watch.

I have a lot of family members on my Facebook, and asking them to share my blog will probably get me a lot of followers.  My mom shared it on her Facebook and a lot of my friends and family have already seen it, but I think if I also share it through my other social media accounts more frequently than I have been I can get a larger following base,

Because my blog is based off of cooking, an editorial calendar will DEFINITELY benefit me because my life is extremely busy as is without having to worry about making dinner twice a week.

I scroll through Pinterest a lot and find most of my recipes there.  I also ask my parents what they would like for dinner.  I think that if I had asked my followers to throw some suggestions on what they would like to see me make would allow me to make a more personal connection with my followers.

For me to comment on other cooking bloggers posts would be very, very helpful.  By doing this, we can share ideas and recipes that interest myself and my followers.  It also shows that I am interested and I care about what people have to say about my posts, and it shows that I care about similar blogs like mine as well.

I try to not overpack my blog posts.  When I am posting about a dinner that I made, I include the whole thing within one post.  But I try to not make the post overwhelming with information on how to make so many different things.

These 30 steps are very beneficial to those dedicated to gathering a blog following.  I do use some of these steps already, but not to the extent that I could be.  I do plan on trying to get my blog more open to the rest of the blog world in order to gather some more followers!