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To stay motivated, I will try 3 new tactics while blogging.

1. Live blogging

Usually when I blog, I do so in a reflective manner. Most of my posts look back on past events and retell them in story form. I’ve never blogged about something as it was happening. I think this could be something interesting to try.

2. Use comments for future posts

I guess this is somewhat similar to the crowdsourcing idea, though I’d like to draw inspiration for future posts drawn straight from comments that are already on my blog – rather than seeking new ones. I think the comments people have left already could be a valuable source of information and insight into what people want to read about.

3. Create a blogging ritual

This is actually something that I used to be really good at and have recently struggled with due to the amount of work I get in college. I used to always publish posts every morning at 8:30AM. It was very predictable. That predictability has somewhat diminished recently. I still publish at least one post per day but the time of publishing is more sporadic and random. I’d really like to get back into the habit or sticking to a scheduled date and time for new posts. This will be challenging since my schedule is so crazy this semester though.