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Reading the list about how to stay motivated and focused when blogging, I definitely think there are points on this list that will help me with writing my own personal blog.  For example, I think the idea about routine is very helpful with maintaining a blog and remaining dedicated to it.  If I can put a certain time aside each week to blog, it may make the writing process go more smoothly.  For the past few weeks, I have posted my two weekly posts immediately after each other.  If I can follow the advice from this list and follow more of a routine pattern, I can publish my two posts further apart from each other.  In addition, I think that separating my posts will improve the writing quality on my blog because I will not be writing as much content all at once.  I also really liked the point made about writing ideas down as soon as you think about them and not assuming you’ll remember them in the future.  I know that with my own blog, there have been times when I thought of great potential topics but then found myself frustrated when I forgot what those topics were later on.  So for the future, I am going to do my best to make sure I record these ideas in some way the moment they pop into my head.