Yash, Mahida. Personal Interview.10/19/2014

For this bibliography i decided to interview a business school student with an internship (supply chain company). According to him, people who can’t differentiate between informal and formal way writing will struggle in finding a corporate jobs in future. Because the place that he interned in was really professional and he had to be very watchful when he writes an email to his boss. He also is a teen and constantly messages just like us so he is also in habit of putting emojis and writing unprofessionally. He told me that when he got started with the job it was very hard for him to transition from the way he writes in every day life. He starts writing nicely but then somehow he goes back to his old habits of writing “you’re” to “your”. But after some practice he was able to write formal messages, its just that he had to be focused everytime he writes.