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Patchin, Justin. “Cyberbullying 101: Fact vs. Fiction.” Interview by Larry Magid. Audio blog post. CNET. N.p., 12 Sept. 2011. Web. 19 Oct. 2014.

I was unable to contact any of my close friends or anyone I found online that had personal experience with being bullied. Unfortunately teenagers who are cyberbullied are often never interviewed because their stories do not go public until it is too late and they have committed suicide. So I found an interview with Justin Patchin who is an associate professor of criminal justice and co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center.

In this interview, Patchin discusses the similarities and differences between real life bullying and cyberbullying. In addition, he talks about traits of teens who are more likely to be affected by cyberbullying. In addition, although cyberbullying is highly correlated with teen suicides, there is not enough empirical data to say that cyberbullying causes suicides. Patchin also discusses what teens can do and who they can reach out to if they are being cyberbullied. All in all, Patchin provides a very brief overview of many aspects of cyberbulling and why it is so dangerous for teenagers nowadays.