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Before going in to the article lets look the history of word wide web (www.) It was created by Tim bernes -lee in 1989. First design of the web (web 1.0) was called “read only”. Which basically kept static pages to access information. Then came web2.0, “read-write”, on which users can contribute information and interact with other web users. I’m pretty sure you guys can guess what comes after, web 3.0 “read-write-execute” web. With this improvement people were able to make better searches such as deductive reasoning and personalize search. And finally  we have web 4.0 (read-write-execution-concurrency) also called “symbiotic web”. it is still in developing periods so its hard give exact definition of it. But we can see in 25 years we’ve changed websites to be more interactive. This blog page gives in depth information.


Jenna wortham article on “life as Instant replay, over and over again” brings up some interesting facts about  how social media has changed over couple of years. Before when Facebook started people used to actually try to update their statuses. Now a days, i only see people posting articles up or liking memes. When a football game or other games are up they just update the score as their status making my wall look like ESPN page. Which i find really annoying because when ever football game is up, more than dozen people writes “touchdown”. That’s what first came to my mind when i read “over and over again”. People are so obsessed with this social media sites that they have to write everything that goes on around them.

The reason social media has grown so much is because of the concept of liking, commenting and sharing things. Almost all the websites(youtube,yahoo articles,cnet,etc) are adding this features because it’s the only way and perfect to way to bind it’s viewers, by making an interactive website. When ever i go to a youtube video i always look at the comments afterwards. Which sometimes becomes the best part of the video. People who makes those comments are the haters. When you read an article on yahoo there are thousands of people commenting and the funny ones are the ones that doesn’t like the celebrity. Also with football games on facebook, if someone’s team wins, the opposite team gets  bombard with memes/trolls. And those posts are shared over and over. Therfore, if you don’t know who won the last match. It wouldn’t matter because you will see those pictures on your wall at some point and easily figure out. So i guess we have to acknowledge and thank haters to keep the funny side of the social media alive.

We’re been spoiled with the use of internet. Any where we go we have access to social media websites. That’s also one of the reasons why we are sharing so much because most people communicate through this websites. Below is a picture of person whose walking and texting to give idea on how much we can’t let go of our phones. Nobody has that much to say about their life if they’re updating their status 24/7. Therefore, the only option they’re left with is to write about news and TV shows, resulting in repeating information.