The three blogs I decided to compare and contrast were The Soul of My Shoes, Talk Shoes, and Pursuit of Shoes. All three of these blogs, obviously so, are about shoes.

The first blog “The Soul of My Shoes,” describes an upcoming shoe to the reader almost as if it as advertisement. It also provides links for the reader to make the purchase. The blogger uses a header picture with a simple left alignment. It makes the blog clean and an easy read.

Similarly, the blog “Talk Shoes” has the same left alignment and uses a simple look as well. This blog describes shoes as well but tends to post about shoes that celebrities are wearing or sales that shoes stores are having. While the blogger of “The Soul of My Shoes” is talking about their closet and sharing what they see as upcoming styles, “Talk Shoes” is looking at outside wearers too.

The last blog was entitled “Pursuit of Shoes”. The first thing I noticed was the layout was much “prettier” for lack of a better word. It has a clean look, but it is not as simple as the other blogs. It includes a layout and has more categories for the reader to visit. The blog reminds me of a fashion blog and the shoes are the focus. The blogger posts different pictures of outfits and I tend to focus on the shoes because of the blog title, but I do not believe it is only a shoe blog. I also do not see as much words as the other two blogs have.