Que, Vinny. Personal Interview Hector Molina. 18 October 2014.


Vinny Que was my former Personal Trainer manger at Cando Fitness in Edgewater, NJ. I haven’t seen him since last summer since I stopped working for him because of school and other obligations I had with family. Even though we don’t communcaite on an everyday basis I still go to him for any health related topics or conerns I might have. Aside from being the manger of personal trainers; Vinny also competes in professional bodybuilding. Even though Vinny doesn’t personally have a fitness blog; his knowledge both professionally and hands on is enough.

Most of the questions I asked Vinny about were his fitness journey growing up and the major struggles he had to overcome to be in the position he is now. The point of the interview was to see his views on fitness blogs and gain insight on certain topics I’ll be writing up in the future. Vinny admits that even though he personally doesn’t have a blog; he continues to come across them throughout the Internet or is told by friends and family to check theirs out. He states, “They’re everywhere, it’s a great way to keep track of your progress and a way to motivate yourself.”

Vinny emphasized that fitness comes down to mental health. How mentally strong are you day in and day out to improve from your previous day. This interview is useful because it shows the views an expert has on blogs when he doesn’t even have one. His experience in the field makes him very reliable and its great to get information from a former mentor. I cannot wait to share the answers I obtain and the insight he brought me.