Hoffman, Heather. Personal interview. 17 October 2014.

I conducted an interview with Heather Hoffman, an old friend of mine from middle school. Heather started her blog right around the same time I started my first blog back in 2008. I thought she would be the perfect person to go to for an interview as she has many years of blogging experience under her belt and could relate to the topics discussed in my paper considering my paper discusses a long-term process.

When Heather started her blog, she consistently posted numerous times each week. She tried to follow a schedule and managed to do so for a little over five years. When college started, she became busier than usual and was forced to stop. She didn’t want it to look like she gave up on blogging so she has since deactivated her blog.

This interview will be a valuable source for my paper as Heather provides a first-hand example of one blogger’s experience with posting regularly and how it affected her mood day-to-day. Likewise, she discusses how things have been for her ever since she stopped. The interview was fascinating for me, the interviewer, because I got to see two very different sides of the argument in one blogger’s experience.