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Baumley, Megan. Personal Interview. 18 October 2014.

For my third annotated bibliography, I conducted an interview with my best friend from Preschool who is studying to be a teacher. Since she is also a senior, I thought it would be interesting to get the perspective of someone pursuing a teaching degree that grew up with the same technological advancements. From what I’ve seen, it seems like a lot of young teachers are incorporating blogs and other social platforms into their work, so I wanted to find out her opinion on that idea.

Because she is also still in college, she’s had some experience student teaching in a live classroom setting. She used a blog in the classroom to document students’ experiences and keep track of homework assignments. The students were in 5th grade and all had access to computers in order to complete their work. She viewed blogs in the classroom as a positive experience for all the added benefits that they were able to contribute. In her opinion, students didn’t really have any excuse for incomplete homework, as all materials were posted to the blog. She also thought that it did give students more of an opportunity to contribute. Overall, I believe that this interview will be beneficial to my blog because of the first-hand experience that Megan has had with teaching and blogs in the classroom.