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Goldfarb, Anna. Personal Interview Rebecca Rice. 16 October 2014.

I asked her questions pertaining to her blog and through the success of her blog how she got her book deal. The point of the interview was to see the correlation between her blog and her getting attention from publishers. She was honest about the difficulties of going from being a blogger to someone having to deal with the expectations of a publisher and agent. She talked about the importance of her platform and the voice that she had already created on her blog.

I think this is a very useful source and the connection I made with her will be a valuable one. The way she talked about the importance of her platform and getting email addresses reiterates many things that I have read in my other sources. I think her experience in the field makes her a reliable and important source for me and my research.

Many of the points that she talks about confirm my previous research. Her candidness, advice, and openness for further contact make this an incredibly helpful source. I will definitely be using her answers in my paper. What she said hasn’t changed my view on my topic but has excited me about it.