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I actually interviewed two people because I wanted to know more than one story.

Park, Giselle. Personal Interview. 19 October 2014.

Choi, Joanne. Personal Interview. 19 October 2014.

<Giselle Park’s Interview>

<Joanne’s Interview>

First off, I would like to introduce to you Giselle Park. She is a Rutgers alumni and right now she has a blog with WordPress. You guys should definitely check it out! She’s a great cook and baker! Beware, looking at her blog will make you drool! The second person I interviewed is Joanne Choi, a church friend of mine who has her own blog for her needs. You should definitely check that out too! I will definitely link her wordpress once I find out what it is. It was really great interviewing two people because even though they had similar responses on some of the questions, there were differences too. Looking at their responses, Tumblr and WordPress seem like the platforms that are commonly used by people. One thing that I found really interesting is how Giselle mentioned that she liked the reblogging tool. I thought of it as a setback because it’s not a commenting option because through continuous reblogging you wouldn’t be able to retrace back. People’s opinions and voice gets lost throughout the reblogging tool. However, after reading Giselle’s answer that it does increase the chances that the post will be more visible to bloggers. Reading both Joanne’s and Giselle’s responses to the last question was very interesting. While Giselle thought that there were a few setbacks to blogging, Joanne didn’t really think there were any. I think this is great because both opinions are not wrong. See with blogging, you can’t have a wrong comment or opinion because perspectives are different in everybody and this can be applied to anything when one gives their own opinion.