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TechCrunch is a website that posts about new and innovative technology featuring reviews and breaking news. Writing style will vary because TechCrunch has numerous authors who contribute. As you scroll down the home page, readers will see posts written by a wide variety of people. The author’s name is listed under each blog post.

Posts on TechCrunch tend to be rather specific. For example, on a post about the new iPhone 6, we see specifications about the phone’s specs. This is done for most posts about new technology. Generalizations are sometimes made when determining whether or not a piece of technology will appeal to given subgroups of society.

Sentences are varied in length. For example, in this post, we see the author uses paragraphs with varying sentence structures. With so many authors, writing styles and structure vary greatly. Punctuation tends to be periods. Questions are sometimes posed at the end of the article to engage the reader. It depends on the author.

The style seems to be carefully crafted. It’s very professionally written and each post looks well-written and thought out. You can tell it’s not an amateur blogger who runs the website. White space is used effectively to make posts visually appealing and easier to read. Posts are focused on the item they are describing.

In an effort to make posts easily understood by readers, the word choice is usually rather simplistic. They want to appeal to an audience who may be less knowledgable about technology. Also, clever titles catcher readers’ attention.

By Rocky Trifari, Jess Clark, Krupal Suthar, Juliana Lee