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Justin Wong

Ashley Vega

We looked at the Kotaku blog and a post regarding the Chinese public purchasing a lot of imported iphones from the underground market and China’s reaction.

#1 The writing for this blog is very specific. The post we looked at talked about China “cracking down” on imported iphones which is what the post sticks to the entire way. It never really strays off topic and talks about a very specific issue.

#2 It is a mixture of short and lengthy sentences. The author tends to use shorter sentences when bringing up a point/ argument they are trying to make. Longer sentences are used when they want to present factual information to the reader.

#3 There aren’t many question marks and exclamation points and the article itself is mostly filled with facts.

#4 The author ends pretty conclusively. Since it’s an informative article there isn’t really a major argument presented so there aren’t any questions presented to the reader at the end of the post other than what their opinions are on this subject but that comes innately with any blog post so.

#5 Overall the post is pretty carefully crafted. The author doesn’t use too much casual language it’s really filled with a lot of facts regarding the issue. It’s formatted fairly well overall with paragraph breaks and visuals so there was definitely a significant amount of time placed into making this post.

#6 The paragraphs are not dense and cluttered. They are short and break when the author switches to the next set of information. They make good use of spacing and there aren’t any areas that are visually poor.

#7 Definitely has a focus. The author doesn’t seem to be ranting or anything of that calibur so it’s definitely well crafted. The author really sticks to this issue throughout the entire post.

#8 There is simple terminology overall. There aren’t too many high level vocabulary words or anything. The post talks about business and economics in China which would be the only sense of terms that you may or may not be familiar with (but overall fairly basic and not too formal with vocabulary)

#9 There is a title but other than that it’s just simple text. There aren’t really any headers.

#10 The author really isn’t targeting a specific audience or anything. He is just throwing out some news from China so it doesn’t really address any people per say other than just the American public I guess.