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Gabrielle Mabalo, Seyvona Forrester, Jade Gilliard-Boyle

Perez Hilton is fairly specific, partly because the information is about a certain celebrity, but also for comedic purposes.
He keeps his sentences, and articles in general, short and to the point.
The site also uses multiple exclamation points and ellipsis.
He ends the articles in a quirky manner that doesn’t necessarily sum everything up, but just on a snarky remark.
Perez Hilton’s article layout is generally the same. It starts off with a picture of celebrities, usually edited with paint (in an insulting manner), followed by textual information with links.
His webpages are cluttered, but the posts themselves are spaced out and easy to read.
His focus is targeting celebrities and his words are pretty simple.
He makes good use of headings to engage his target audience, who are people who often read celebrity gossip.
The writing itself is not formal, but it’s what people would rather read. It’s simple grammatically, and that’s most of what makes it effective. People also read for the attacking connotations in his writing. His word choice is specific and memorable – it’s how one would assume a gossip site who talk. He speaks in terms teenage girls would understand.